What We Offer

A Commitment to Excellence

Creative Mindz aims at offering a broad and balanced array of programs, activities, and services to ensure of the highest quality experience in learning, and ultimately for an overall balanced life.

Whether it be in person or remotely online, we make sure that every student gets the personal attention they need to flourish in every subject for a brighter future.


We offer one-on-one tutoring sessions in person for a hands-on approach, or remotely to accomodate every child regardless of their location. Available for Math and English.

Study Skills

We focus on building the fundamental skills necessary for kids to study, learn and grow so they are better equipped in their future ahead.

Homework Help

With our knowledgable team, we help children with their homework whenever they need it.

Test Preparation

Tests can be very difficult for children to prepare for. Here we equip and empower students for all they need to ace their upcoming tests.


At Creative Mindz, not only do we provide kids with a learning experience but we can ensure that they are well taken care of with our add-on daycare services.


Creative Mindz has paired up with Ball4life Basketball training for additional fun and learning. Not only can your child learn academically, but also has the opportunity to grow through physical activity.


Enroll in our tutoring services in person or virtually at $30 per hour.


We offer basketball training services with our Ball4life program at $45 per hour.