Tutoring Student Registration Form

Fill out the form carefully for registration

*** Weekdays Classes are only After 6:30 pm or Saturday 9-5
Hourly rate $30 includes 5 minutes to check in with parents/guardians & 55 minutes of tutoring.l

The students may cancel class by giving 24 hrs prior notice in which case no tutoring fees will incur. If the tutorial is not attended by a student without giving 24 hrs notice. Full tutoring charge will be applied.Fees are stipulated in the schedule and no adjustments will be made for loss of time due to late arrival. Any loss of time because of late arrival of the tutors will be compensated by extending lessons by mutual agreement.If students are late 15 mins are considered no show and still responsible for the hourly fees. The tutoring agreement may be terminated or changed by providing 2 weeks written notice by students or parents/guardians. The tutor or Creative Mindz.org will terminate the contract without any notice provided if policies are not followed or a large balance of two weeks payment is owed in account.